Light PAR Sensor

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Edyza’s PAR Light Sensor uses the power of the Apogee sensor SQ-500-SS: Full-Spectrum Quantum Sensor to monitor the wavelength parameters and objectively validate indoor grow lights and grow environments. This sensor is  used widely within the agricultural environment.  

Edyza Base (EZ-SEV301) can quickly connect to  the Apogee SQ-500-SS with its 8-pin connector for quick interfacing. Both the Edyza Base and Apogee sensor SQ-500-SS are IP68 rated.


  • Uses the Apogee SQ-500-SS
    • Analog full-spectrum quantum sensor
      • Spectral range of 389nm to 692nm ± 5nm
  • Measures
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Pressure
    • Light Waves
  • IoT High-Density Network:
    • Uses Edyza's High Density network that allows IoT-HD capability for the deployment of massive sensor networks for detail-oriented AI-based analytics and calculations
  • Self-Healing Tree Network: 
    • Allows sensors to quickly communicate by finding the most efficient route for data-hopping and adapting to interference from the environment
  • Garmin Ant Radio: Edyza's proprietary network protocol made with Garmin Ant Module Radio