Express Gateway

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Edyza’s Express Gateway simultaneously threads microprocesses to handle sensor data communication from sensor to cloud. Within the gateway, the data is processed, analyzed, and formatted on the Edyza cluster using its workflow engine. Sensor data analytics, such as air flow, psychrometric data, heat map generation, are performed on the gateway. 

The Express Gateway is able to handle tested networks of over 200 sensors. Nodered is implemented for easy and seamless controls systems and data calculations. 

All of the data is handled and sent to the database with a stable network connection. The gateway handles secure account provisioning and management via its wired network connection and application page.


  • Wired Configuration:
    • Operates on Ethernet
  • Proprietary IoT High-Density Network:
    • Over 200 sensors connected on the network without external network interference 
  • Raw Data Collection:
    • Air Temperature
    • Air Humidity
    • Air Pressure
    • CO2
    • Light
  • Nodered Open-Access Control Systems and Calculations:
    • Default System Calculations:
      • Air flow
      • Psychrometric data
      • Heat map analytics
      • HVAC
    • Open-Access Control System: User-implemented or user-requested control system for all your lighting, watering, fan, and other control systems needs
    • Open-Access Calculations: User-implemented or user-requested calculations for all your data calculated needs
  • No Data Loss:
    • Continuous data collection and calculations during network failure
    • Up streams data as soon as network is reestablished
  • Secure Account Handling:
    • Secure connectivity of the gateway to your account

*All pictures are shown for illustration purposes only. Actual product may very due to product enhancement.