Environmental Sensor

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The Environmental Sensor detects environmental data: air temperature, humidity, and pressure surrounding the unit. Its IP68-rated enclosure ensures protection in varying conditions in both upper and lower extremities of heat, cold, pesticides, oils, liquids, and gasses. Its simple form-factor provides functionality and easy installation for any grower.

Our network has been tested for as many as 2,000 devices in 400 square feet. The environmental data is injected into our IoT High-Density to new levels of data resolution for machine learning and AI-based analytics and calculations.

This total can be any combination of Environmental, Substrate, and Light Sensors.


  • Measures:
    • Air Temperature
    • Air Humidity
    • Air Pressure 
  • IoT High-Density Network:
    • Uses Edyza's High Density network that allows IoT-HD capability for the deployment of massive sensor networks for detail-oriented AI-based analytics and calculations
  • Self-Healing Tree Network: 
    • Allows sensors to quickly communicate by finding the most efficient route for data-hopping and adapting to interference from the environment
  • Garmin Ant Radio: Edyza's proprietary network protocol made with Garmin Ant Module Radio 

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