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The Edyza Starter Kit is the perfect way to begin monitoring your environmental cultivation needs. With 20 Environmental Sensor and 1 Express Gateway, your IoT high-density Edyza Network will be covered up to 600sqft. 



  • 20 -  Version 5 Environmental Sensors 
  • 1 - Version 2 Express Gateway
  • 1 - CanaKit 3.5A Raspberry Pi 4 Power Supply (USB-C)
  • 40 - GTSE 12" White/Clear Zip Ties, 50lb Strength, UV Resistant Long Nylon Cable Ties, Self-Locking 12 Inch Tie Wraps
  • 1 - Amazon Basics RJ45 Cat-6 Ethernet Patch Internet Cable - 14 Feet
  • 1 - Edyza Quickstart Guide


    • Hardware Range:
      • Proprietary communication protocol blocks external noise 
      • Up to 600 square feet of communication coverage
      • Up to 200 sensors per 1 gateway
    • Software Platform:
      • Real-Time Data Monitoring of Sensor and Gateway Health
      • Customizable and Pre-built Threshold Detection to Alert you of Environmental Changes
      • Customizable and Pre-built 3D Heatmap vectorized visualization of your facility for airflow, temperature, humidity, and pressure 
      • 2D Graphing tools for temperature, humidity, and pressure with ease of exporting data for external use
    • On-site Support:
      • IT support available by request by phone Monday-Friday 8AM-6PM PST
      • Requests for on-site installation available
    • Edyza Environmental Sensor:
      • Measures:
        • Air Temperature
        • Air Humidity
        • Air Pressure 
      • IoT High-Density Network:
        • Detail-oriented data collection and AI-based analytics and calculations
      • Self-Healing Tree Network: 
        • Allows sensors to quickly communicate by finding the most efficient route for data-hopping and adapting to interference from the environment
      • Garmin Ant Radio:
        • Edyza's proprietary network protocol made with Garmin Ant Module Radio 
    • Edyza Express Gateway:
      • Wired Configuration:
        • Operates on Ethernet
      • Proprietary IoT High-Density Network:
        • Over 200 sensors connected on the network without external network interference
      • Raw Data Collection:
        • Air Temperature
        • Air Humidity
        • Air Pressure
        • CO2
        • Light
      • Nodered Open-Access Control Systems and Calculations:
        • Air flow
        • Psychrometric data
        • Heat map analytics
        • HVAC
        • Open-Access Control System: User-implemented or user-requested control system for all your lighting, watering, fan, and other control systems needs
        • Open-Access Calculations: User-implemented or user-requested calculations for all your data calculated needs
      • No Data Loss:
        • Continuous data collection and calculations during network failure
        • Up streams data as soon as network is reestablished
      • Secure Account Handling:
        • Secure connectivity of the gateway to your account

    *All pictures are shown for illustration purposes only. Actual product may very due to product enhancement.