Express Starter Kit 20

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The Edyza Express Gateway is the perfect introductory communication hub to begin monitoring your environmental cultivation needs. With 20 environmental sensors covering up to 600 square feet, seamless data collection from sensor, gateway, up to the Edyza Cloud is all performed via the Express Gateway.


  • 20 -  Version 5 Environmental Sensors 
  • 1 - Version 2 Express Gateway
  • 1 - CanaKit 3.5A Raspberry Pi 4 Power Supply (USB-C)
  • 20 - GTSE 12" White/Clear Zip Ties, 50lb Strength, UV Resistant Long Nylon Cable Ties, Self-Locking 12 Inch Tie Wraps
  • 1 - Amazon Basics RJ45 Cat-6 Ethernet Patch Internet Cable - 14 Feet
  • 1 - Edyza Quickstart Guide


    • Hardware Range:
      • Proprietary communication protocol blocks external noise 
      • Up to 600 square feet of communication coverage
      • Up to 200 sensors per 1 gateway
    • Software Platform:
      • Real-Time Data Monitoring of Sensor and Gateway Health
      • Customizable and Pre-built Threshold Detection to Alert you of Environmental Changes
      • Customizable and Pre-built 3D Heatmap vectorized visualization of your facility for airflow, temperature, humidity, and pressure 
      • 2D Graphing tools for temperature, humidity, and pressure with ease of exporting data for external use
    • On-site Support:
      • IT support available by request by phone Monday-Friday 8AM-6PM PST
      • Requests for on-site installation available
    • Edyza Environmental Sensor:
      • Measures:
        • Air Temperature
        • Air Humidity
        • Air Pressure 
      • IoT High-Density Network:
        • Detail-oriented data collection and AI-based analytics and calculations
      • Self-Healing Tree Network: 
        • Allows sensors to quickly communicate by finding the most efficient route for data-hopping and adapting to interference from the environment
      • Garmin Ant Radio:
        • Edyza's proprietary network protocol made with Garmin Ant Module Radio 
    • Edyza Express Gateway:
      • Wired Configuration:
        • Operates on Ethernet
      • Proprietary IoT High-Density Network:
        • Over 200 sensors connected on the network without external network interference
      • Raw Data Collection:
        • Air Temperature
        • Air Humidity
        • Air Pressure
        • CO2
        • Light
      • Nodered Open-Access Control Systems and Calculations:
        • Air flow
        • Psychrometric data
        • Heat map analytics
        • HVAC
        • Open-Access Control System: User-implemented or user-requested control system for all your lighting, watering, fan, and other control systems needs
        • Open-Access Calculations: User-implemented or user-requested calculations for all your data calculated needs
      • No Data Loss:
        • Continuous data collection and calculations during network failure
        • Up streams data as soon as network is reestablished
      • Secure Account Handling:
        • Secure connectivity of the gateway to your account

    *All pictures are shown for illustration purposes only. Actual product may very due to product enhancement.