CO2 Sensor

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Cannabis crops are grown in indoor rooms with elevated CO2. Typical concentration levels are anywhere between 900 ppm to 1200 ppm. However, the optimum level depends on several factors that  include light intensity, temperature and maturity  stage.  

Lack of adequate horizontal air flow, grow room layout, plant density etc. can create microclimates of CO2. Edyza using their high-density wireless solution  will deploy strategically placed CO2 sensors inside the  rooms that helps to accurately plot a 3D distribution  of CO2 inside grow rooms. 

Our Carbon Dioxide Sensor detects the parts-per million (ppm) level of carbon dioxide in a space. This sensor plays an important role for monitoring the  concentration of CO2 to prevent the increase of this  gas, avoiding a hazardous state.


  • Measures
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Pressure
    • CO2 Levels
      • Senseair S11 Sunrise Module: Measures 400ppm - 500ppm of Carbon Dioxide Levels with accuracy of ±30ppm with 3% of readings with Sensair S11 Sunrise Module integration
  • IoT High-Density Network:
    • Uses Edyza's High Density network that allows IoT-HD capability for the deployment of massive sensor networks for detail-oriented AI-based analytics and calculations
  • Self-Healing Tree Network: 
    • Allows sensors to quickly communicate by finding the most efficient route for data-hopping and adapting to interference from the environment
  • Garmin Ant Radio: Edyza's proprietary network protocol made with Garmin Ant Module Radio